For Students


Our laboratory is recruiting enthusiastic master’s and doctoral students and company scientists who are willing to work with us. We welcome students from a wide range of backgrounds, such as healthcare, biology, engineering, linguistics, and psychology. Our projects range from basic to applied: basic research relates to human language comprehension, and applied studies are oriented towards practical applications. The starting point of your research at our laboratory will be where your particular interests and our research directions meet.
So far, several international students including research students and internship students have been joining our laboratory.

You will gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you make new findings. Such joy will multiply when shared among colleagues, friends, and mentors. We believe it is important to create a friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy research activities. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us (!

Laboratory Features

Excellent research support.
Our laboratory hosts 5 staff members and 5 lab technicians (as of July 2020) and provides guidance and technical support appropriate for the needs of the limited number of researchers accepted to our laboratory.
Please note that not all individuals wishing to join our laboratory may be accepted, due to our policy on the maximum number of participating students. Our excellent research environment helps researchers pursue their research projects in a time-efficient manner. Some students may even begin preparing manuscripts for international presentations or publications during their first year of research.

State-of-the-art research.
Students will engage in research using leading-edge materials in cooperation with talented senior researchers.


The NAIST offers a “Daily Campus Tour” program to individuals who wish to visit the laboratories and facilities of their interest. If you are interested in Social Computing Laboratory, please make your appointment at the website indicated above.