Soku Repo

Small Volunteers Prevent Disease with Soku Repo
“Social Report + Influenza + Hay Fever”

Soku Repo is a small volunteer software program which allows you to write immediately for patients of hay fever and influenza around you and helps in preventive measures. We aim to help prevent influenza and hay fever by sharing information about people’s surroundings, rather than through information on TV or the Internet.

You can do a simple swipe operation to let us know if there’s a person suffering from hay fever or influenza in your vicinity or not. After you report this to us, you will be able to see a graph of the number of reports and the number of suspected cases of the disease from tweets posted on Twitter over a year and a half. The information on where the patient is from is obtained from the location information on the smartphone if it is available. Otherwise, the patient is asked to set the name of the prefecture and the city themselves. Also, if you enable push notifications, you’ll receive a notification on your phone when a patient is found in your designated area.

Please install Soku Repo on your smartphone and use it to get information on the prevalence of flu and hay fever as soon as possible to help prevent them.

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「ソクレポ  (Social Report)」は,インフルエンザ・花粉症について,あなた自身やあなたの身の回りにいる患者さんの存在を「即・レポート」しあうことで,予防や対策の役に立てる小さなボランティアソフトです.テレビやインターネットの情報ではなく,周辺の情報を共有することで,インフルエンザや花粉症の予防に役立てることを目的としています.



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