AEX (Adverse Effect eXtractor)


AEX (Adverse Effect eXtractor) is software that extracts symptoms or conditions from sentences written by patients and assigns disease name codes (ICD code or MedDRA) to them.

Configuring Run Environment

■OS:Windows 8 or newer recommended
■Microsoft .NET framework V4.6 or newer recommended
⇒ Download and install from the official site: ActivePerl Official Site
⇒ Download Mecab from Mecab Official Site and install it with character code SHIFT-JIS.  Open this page for installation instructions.

How To Use

Open this page to see general way of use

Demo Video

Click here to see a demo video for the system


Change in Extraction Rules

Advanced users can modify the rules for side effect extraction by selecting and editing the rules file.
For more information on how to select and edit a rule file, please refer to this page.


This study was conducted by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), 2016-2018, under the project “Research on Measures to Enable Early Detection of Adverse Drug Reactions Based on Subjective Symptoms of Patients” (Principal Investigator: Mayumi Mochizuki, Research Co-Investigator: Eiji Aramaki, Shoko Wakamiya).

Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for the deliverables produced and published by Social Computing Laboratory, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (referred hereafter as “our laboratory”). Please understand the contents of the product properly before using this software.


The deliverable has been developed with the utmost care and a great attention to detail. However, complete and full reliability and robustness cannot be guaranteed. We do not accept responsibility for any problems that may occur as a result of using this application or data. Please use it at your own risk when using it.